Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
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The biggest island on the west coast of North America, Vancouver Island is almost twice the size of Hawaii. It is 451 kilometers (282 miles) long and covers 32,136 square kilometers (12,408 square miles). Much of the island is untamed wilderness - home to cougar, wolves, bear, deer, elk, and eagles. The surrounding sea has a myriad of creatures including whales, dolphins, otters, seals, salmon and many others. The western side of the island is sparsely populated and consists of many rugged fjords, temperate rain forests, and mountainous terrain. It is best known around the world for Pacific Rim National Park and the famous "West Coast Trail", a challenge even to seasoned hikers. There are very few roads and many of the coastal villages are only accessible by sea or air.

The only highway running the length of the island connects the main cities and towns on the more populated eastern side. From Port Hardy, the northernmost town, to Victoria at the southern tip is a full day's drive past lush farmland and forests, and through quaint villages and towns with names as varied and interesting as their history. Some place names have a First Nations' origin such as Nanaimo and Qualicum while others like Juan de Fuca and Victoria speak of a Spanish or English past.

There is much to see and do but your adventure begins on the southern tip of our beautiful island in Victoria, the jewel of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

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