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British Columbia has the highest rate of absenteeism of any province in Canada. British Columbians live, on an average 2 years longer than their counterparts in other provinces. Coincidence? Are these two facts actually related?

Dig a bit deeper and you’ll find that to British Columbians, quality of life is paramount. They are active; they choose their foods and beverages, their kinds of play, very carefully. They also care very deeply about the environment. The City of Victoria has the most walkers-to-work per capita of any Canadian city. Walking trails abound. The Cycling coalition has wielded its hammer and convinced the city to add more and more cycling-only lanes. Bylaws have been passed in Victoria requiring motorists to give cyclists a one meter leeway when passing.

So to answer your question, healthy living is part of the fiber of our region. To wit, dining in Victoria is such a satisfying experience if you have “special needs”.  Nearly any restaurant is proud to offer, on request, sugar free, gluten-free, low-sugar, peanut-free, all-natural, vegetarian or vegan options. Many offer only certified organic foods. Ask your B&B inn keeper for help choosing the right place for your dining adventure while here in Victoria.


Health & Wellness

Exercise and Personal Trainers
Victoria has 4 municipally operated recreation centres, two with Olypmic size lap pools.  There are health clubs galore, may iwth yoga and pilates studios.  Want to find a gym, squeeze in an aerobics class, yoga or hit the squash court, rent a bicycle or find  the best walking route?  Ask your B&B Innkeeper for suggestions.

With a call to any of the health clubs or to the local YMCA, you can arrange an appointment with a personal trainer who will be happy to guide you in setting up a program. This kind of arrangement should ideally be set up in advance of your travel to Victoria.

It has been said that the key to good health lies in making the right choices, in prevention rather than correction. But if stress and the pressures of everyday life have you jittery and feeling low, consider the treatments that work best for you: massage, acupuncture, acupressure, reflexology, herbal courses of treatment and so on. You’ll find all these types of practitioners and more everywhere in the Greater Victoria area. Your B&B host will be able to help you connect.

Whether you work with a nutritionist of not, you’ll find many wonderful sources of good foods and beverages, herbs, essential oils and purifying products at many sources in Victoria … Planet Organic, Lifestyles Markets, Booster Juice, Rebar Restaurant, Green Cuisine, WildFire Bakery, Silk Road Aromatherapy & Tea to name a few.


Many B&Bs can arrange for massage or other treatments right in the privacy of your own suite.  Ask your B&B Innkeeper.  Alternatively, there is an amazing variety of spas to choose from serene and luxurious to basic but effective for all your muscle-relaxing and body beautification needs: Willow Stream, the Spa at Ocean Pointe, Solana and Aveda to name a few.


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