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Shopping in Victoria can be an absolute joy. Doing the downtown in our compact little city, is a 6 square block event. Or, with ease you can flit from mall to mall to mall (some open late) for just the right fit or just the right brand, or just the right colour.
Downtown has some trendy and interesting sections such as the designer section anchored by Chintz and Company … THE home decor store. Nearby are several other well-outfitted design shops … Inside Out, Urban Barn, Sager’s to name just a few. Stately Fort Street is the source for collectables such as stamps, coins, crafts, old charts, flags, discontinued silver, discontinued china, old records and books, 50’s kitsch and antiques. It is also THE address for Victoria’s two main auction houses, Kilshaw’s and Lund’s.
Art galleries abound in the downtown area (ask your B&B innkeeper). And now suburban Oak Bay has 3 or 4 hard-to-resist galleries in a variety of price ranges and genres on its main street, fashionable Oak Bay Avenue.


Downtown Victoria is also a wonderful source for designer wear. All along Government Street, you’ll find many designer shops … the Levi’s store, Eddie Bauer, Breeze, The Bay, Mountain Co-Op, Esprit. Nearby are Tilley Adventure Wear, Valhalla, Sunday’s Snowflake among others. There are superior jewellery artisans in downtown as well, with beautiful works in gold, silver, diamonds, and BC’s own semi-precious stone, Jade, along with our First Nations’ signature pieces, usually in silver.
And don’t forget the one-of-a-kind clothing shops in Lower Johnson (LoJo) and in Market Square, and the 2 unique, narrow alleys, Fantan Alley and Trounce Alley, and on Yates Street too. Many feature green designs and fabrics such as hemp, unbleached cotton, and the wool of locally raised alpaca.
Have fun shopping in Victoria BC. You’ll find stuff you didn’t even know existed.

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