Guide books and the internet

March 10th, 2015 by Martin Vernon

What are the roles of guide books and the internet for our travels? Today we are fortunate to have every possible piece of necessary travel information readily accessible. Personally, I like to use both guide books and the internet when planning trips and when travelling.

The word “guide book” came into use in the early 1800’s as a result of early tourism and as a factor which was to shape it. In 1820 there were 13 travel books published in Britain about Italy alone. These guide books were intended originally for use when travelling but soon became indispensable for forward planning. Thus they became very influential in determining where and what people chose to visit. Popular guide books in the Victorian age included Murrays and Baedeker much as we might use Rick Steves or Lonely Planet today.

Guide books and the internet - visiting Victoria on Vancouver Island

How to get there, where to go?

Travelling details were added later so that information about every aspect of a trip, including accommodation recommendations, were presented to the would-be visitor. The author Anthony Trollope wrote in 1861 “In travelling these are the things which really occupy the mind. Where shall I sleep? Is there anything to eat? Can I have my clothes washed?” One reader of an early 19th century guide-book wrote that he was “never at a loss what hotel to go to, what to look for, what to do”.

Then along came the internet! The role of guide books today remains valuable, even if superceded for many by the handiness of smart devices.

In this blog, the Best Inns of Victoria endeavour to provide broad information about Victoria and Vancouver Island, BC, not just about our bed and breakfasts. Do browse through the categories on the right or use the Search box facility. As well as a wide range of tourist articles about the places and events in the area you’ll find a wide variety of blog posts: the weather, interesting facts about Victoria, history – such as the pioneers, prohibition or the 49th Parallel, washrooms (an important topic sometimes), local architecture, and the wildlife of southern Vancouver Island. Our website has much more too, information about accommodations, an area guide including attractions and travel.

Then, when you are here, you’ll have the further benefit of concierge guide information from your bed and breakfast hosts.

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