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Victoria Lavender Festival

June 20, 2014 by Martin Vernon

The Victoria Lavender Festival on 12th and 13th July 2014 offers much more than than you expect. Victoria Lavender Farm is a joy to visit anytime but the July Festival is timed when the rows of lavender are gloriously coloured and special activities will make this a weekend treat.


Credit: Greg Aspa,

Though conveniently close to Hwy 17 just north of Sidney, Victoria Lavender Farm is situated in a charming backwater of North Saanich neigbouring quiet country roads running by small farms. I have passed by so often but we decided to look for lavender plants to run along our driveway. Unexpectedly, we fell in love with this delightful place.

As you enter there’s a field on the left with sheep and goats and a pond with ducks, and on the right are pens of rabbits, ducks and doves. We met Alan the owner and, as we chatted, his hand-reared pet lamb deftly untied one of my shoelaces. We could see and hear numerous magnificent peacocks including a rare white one. Two friendly (but not unduly friendly) English sheepdogs roam, these are trained for sheepdog trials. It was pleasing to hear how rare breeds of ducks and geese are reared. So … this is a petting zoo with a difference.

Alan led us towards the large field with its rows of lavender bushes, first walking into a most unusual garden, a piece of Europe in Canada. A large area was divided very carefully into a formal garden employing just lavender, gravel and full-height statuary. He explained that he based it upon a garden in the Boboli Gardens in Florence inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s ideas of the Golden Section (also called the Golden Ratio) whereby mathematical formula result in the most pleasing proportions to the human eye.

Victoria Lavender Farm, Vancouver Island

July’s Victoria Lavender Festival is new for 2014. There’ll be music, crafts and food, surrounded by waves of lavender plants. I hope to see you there.


A new bed and breakfast blog

March 28, 2013 by Best Inns of Victoria

A new bed and breakfast blog! There are millions of blogs in the world today covering every conceivable topic, including over 62 million WordPress blogs alone. So why another one?

It is Spring and you are pondering where to take your vacation this summer. The options are vast but you narrow them down to a few places including Victoria, British Columbia.

“Perhaps we could go to Victoria on Vancouver Island?”
“Yes, I’ve heard that it’s a nice place but is there much to do there?”

Our Victoria bed and breakfast blog is here to answer that question … and it is going to take dozens of blog posts to get close to answering it.

So much to do, so little time

You want to cram in as much as possible, yet relax at the same time. This blog is here to present a wide variety of options to help you make your vacation in Victoria the very best it can be.

One note of caution. At our B&Bs we receive one complaint again and again. It usually pops up as guests are leaving. They say plaintively “We wish we’d stayed longer. If only we’d known there was so much to do here.” So do read on – this bed and breakfast blog will prepare you for a great visit optimizing your time in Victoria.

“So much to do, so little time” sounds like a line from my favourite comic strip character, Calvin (of Calvin and Hobbes). A Louis Armstrong song “So Little Time (So Much To Do)” talks of insufficient time for dreams to come true yet offers the possibility of achieving this by sailing to a magic land and exploring its roads. So come and explore!

We will present an array of attractions, places to see and things to do, festivals and events, places to burn off calories and to load them up, places to make a dent in your credit card and others where you leave it untouched. In short … memories.

Additionally, when you are here, your Victoria bed and breakfast hosts will be delighted to pass on suggestions from their own local knowledge.

So why not add this to your Favourites or click on the RSS feed button (very bottom right of this page – it has a dot and two curving lines) to receive regular updates about Victoria from our bed and breakfast blog? We’ll write about three times a month with interesting articles and news topics to keep you informed and help you plan your visit to Victoria.

Victoria bed and breakfast blog - Best Inns of Victoria BC

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