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Bed and breakfasts in Victoria

October 20, 2014 by Martin Vernon

Staying at bed and breakfasts in Victoria provides you with the opportunity to create great memories. This blog is sponsored by Best Inns of Victoria yet after over 50 blog posts we’ve never taken a good look at the B&Bs themselves; it’s time to take a look at them.

Firstly, let’s clarify the differences between bed & breakfasts and hotels – see this accommodations article which looks at their differences re size, services, and breakfasts.

Over 16 years in the business has made it clear to me that the average good quality B&B is an interesting place run by interesting people for interesting people. Your choice of bed and breakfast accommodation in the Victoria area is wide-ranging so let’s take a peek. Bed and breakfasts in Victoria map Knowing them, several points are very clear:

  • the vast majority are run by very experienced innkeepers; they’ve learnt what it takes to run a hospitable home-from-home year after year.
  • there’s quality here, high quality. None will offer you a tired room with a shag carpet. You can expect classy comfort.
  • there’s quantity too. Our 20 member bed and breakfasts provide a wide variety of Victoria accommodations (see below).
  • you will enjoy a friendly, helpful stay from hosts who know the business, know their city and know that accommodating your needs satisfies you and them.
  • you will enjoy good value. A full, memorable breakfast is included in the room rate. You won’t get charged extra for parking, movies, telephone, WiFi etc.

So, what types of accommodations are offered by Best Inns of Victoria?

  • Their location may be downtown or ocean-side, in an older neighbourhood or in a country setting.
  • The house (all are private homes) may be a heritage gem or a contemporary home.
  • All offer unique character. You can expect high quality furnishings and decor, modern amenities for entertainment and communication, fine breakfast dining – all within pleasant relaxing settings.

There’s a full zoomable map of bed and breakfasts in Victoria BC at with links enabling searches by amenities, packages & specials, location and the means to check availability. We look forward to welcoming you to Victoria on your visit to Vancouver Island.


Best Victoria bed and breakfasts

May 30, 2014 by Martin Vernon

Are you looking for the best Victoria bed and breakfasts? You can’t go far wrong in searching for accommodations in the new Best Bed and Breakfasts of Victoria website.

You’ll find twenty B&Bs located throughout the Victoria area, from downtown to pastoral settings north and west. Best bed and breakfasts of Victoria BCHere you’ll find heritage houses or contemporary homes, urban or rural, with ocean or farmland views, large or small.

All “Best Victoria Bed and Breakfasts” are inspected, licensed and approved with our experienced innkeepers offering warm hospitality (not just “heads in beds”).

Whether you are visiting Victoria and southern Vancouver Island for a vacation break or business, for a celebration or romantic retreat you should check the B&B accommodations listed on this smart new website. The website has guides to travel information and the weather, Victoria attractions and events, gardens and golf, wineries and adventures, museums and the arts, plus recommended places to dine. It’s not only handy but a pleasure to browse through its new-look pages … so take a look and let us help you make your visit an unforgettable one.

Travel information for Victoria BC

May 10, 2014 by Martin Vernon

A good source of travel information for Victoria BC is invaluable for planning your trip to Vancouver Island. So we have assembled everything you need (we hope).

Since 2000 our Victoria bed and breakfasts association has been welcoming visitors and we’ve built up a wealth of knowledgeTravel information for Victoria BC about the area. So where better to collect this than on our website? Here’s a summary of what you can find:

Firstly, there’s the travel – we show the departure points for planes, float planes, helicopters, and passenger or car ferries. Necessarily related to this is passport information.

You’ll want to know about the weather on Vancouver Island to plan both wardrobe and possible activities.

These activities will form your memories so we’ve written fully about them in the Victoria Area Guide. There are pages about atttractions and gardens, festivals and events, outdoor activities, tours, food and drink, arts and culture, shopping and fashions, and spa, beauty & wellness.

Lastly, naturally, you can select from our Victoria bed and breakfasts , searching by location, amenities or packages and specials. You can check availabilty and reserve accommodations online.

As our website says, “There is much to see and do but your adventure begins on the southern tip of our beautiful island in Victoria, the jewel of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.”

Hotels or B&Bs?

September 20, 2013 by Martin Vernon

When selecting accommodation in Victoria or elsewhere, the question often arises “Should we stay in a hotel or a B&B?” What are the differences?

Hotels or B&Bs? is a vald question so let’s explore some pros and cons.

Dictionaries define hotels as “a commercial establishment offering lodging to travelers” or “a place that has rooms in which people can stay especially when they are traveling : a place that provides food, lodging, and other services for paying guests”. Bed and breakfasts offer just what they say: bed and breakfast. Both provide lodgings for travellers.

Hotels and bed and breakfasts – differences.

The main differences are their size, services and breakfasts.

1. Size.

You can stay in a concrete and glass structure with 100 or more hotel rooms. These rooms are uniform and predictable in their style. You know what to expect: a rectangular room with a sealed window at the end and an ensuite bathroom. Variations are merely aspects of quality, colour and layout. You are anonymously amongst 100-200 or more other guests and have no interaction with anyone except for the person on shift at the front desk.

B&Bs have just a few rooms. Situated in houses, their rooms are always unique and are naturally individually themed. The owners act as your hosts, front desk, concierge, chefs, servers, gardeners and housekeeping staff though some may have one or two staff to assist. The buck stops with them so they have a vested interest in ensuring your every need is fully satisfied.

2. Services.

Services in hotels or B&Bs are much the same with the main difference being cost – you pay in hotels or have them free in B&Bs. The cost of parking, telephone calls, WiFi, movies and, of course, breakfast can make an enormous difference to your final bill when staying at a hotel.

3. Breakfasts

Hotel breakfasts, often from a buffet, are an extra cost and generally far inferior to those served at a bed and breakfast where your breakfast is included in the room rate. This alone makes B&Bs great value.

A quite ordinary downtown hotel in Victoria charges $30 per person for the same elements of a typical B&B breakfast. But instead of selecting packages from a hotel buffet your B&B breakfast is homemade, fresh and elegantly served.

Breakfast at a B&B

We think the differences between hotels or B&Bs are compelling. For reasons of cost and sheer pleasure, a bed and breakfast is hard to beat. We look forward to greeting you by name when you arrive at our B&Bs!

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